Meng Yang
Brand Designer

Western Union

corporate environment design


Western Union is an international money transfer service with corporate offices located all over the world.

While at Experient, I worked with the team concepting and designing environmental branding for national and international corporate offices for Western Union. What initially started as an initial redesign for several floors of Western Union’s Vilnius, Lithuania office turned into a global standardization project that trickled across several offices all over the world including national offices in San Francisco, New York, Englewood, Miami and international offices in Morocco, Costa Rica, Germany, Hong Kong, UK and Sweden. Due to the positive reception from Western Union’s executive team, I worked with the Experient team designing, standardizing and producing artwork to accommodate each branches' specific floorplan.


From multi-level and extensive corporate headquarters in Englewood, Colorado to a nimble, regional branch office in Casablanca, Morocco, I designed a library of visual assets that could accommodate the wide and varied floorpans of each corporate office. Intermixing portrait and landscape photography with corporate messaging and brand relevant graphics, this brand library also allowed for input from each specific office. Tropical scenery and bright colors held more sway for tropic-oriented offices while city imagery and mature colors suited urban branches.


Along with design, I also led print production. Due to the wide array of international Western Union offices, fabrication and printing would be handled by a local printshop. So, artwork for the Costa Rica office was sourced in Costa Rica, artwork for Hong Kong was sourced in Hong Kong, so on and so forth. To ensure colors would be printed to match as close as possible and to guarantee fabrication and installation would be absolutely precise, everything was spec’d down to the smallest detail with thorough design documentations. Seeing how certain international offices spoke a different native language, precise numbers and measurements would be our shared language to assure production was up to snuff.



Agency: Experient
Creative Director: John Leroux
Associate Creative Director: Skip Tramontana
Account Executive: Sarah Renz