Meng Yang
Brand Designer

Pulsaderm Buddy

Product & brand Design


Pulsaderm is a skin-care product company with a flagship device that needed a major touch-up.

While at UnitOneNine, I worked with the Creative Director to redesign the product packaging for Pulsaderm's lead product, the Buddy. With our finalized design, we simplified content, streamlined brand messaging and repositioned the product to appear more ‘consumer-friendly.’ Pun intended.

From design to production to client management, I was heavily involved in every step of the process to ensure the final product exceeded client expectations and met client goals. On the technical side, this meant facilitating production with the printer to accommodate printing techniques incorporated into the design. On the client side, I maintained good rapport with the Pulsaderm team to ensure both sides were receptive and open to design suggestions while aware of budget, scope and long-term brand strategy for the brand and its product family.


designing with intent and longevity.

In conjunction with the new package redesign and a scoped brand strategy, I redesigned essential brand collateral such as the quick-start guide, additional product info, sell sheets as well as industry publication ads. Working with a copywriter, we trimmed content down to essential wording while adding brand personality to the language and restructured content hierarchy.



Agency: UnitOneNine
Creative Director: Lee Salisbury
Copywriter: Julie Schumacher