Meng Yang
Graphic Designer

Meng Yang

graphic designer

In Chiang Khong village, Chiang Rai province, Thailand.

My professional background.

Originally from the Metro-Detroit area, I moved to Chicago, IL and graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications from the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago in 2006. Upon graduation, I went straight to work in Chicago, working at various agencies and firms. I've done the late-night shifts as well as the clock out at 5pm gigs; I've worked with merciless and non-communicative to wildly passionate and highly-communicative creative people. Personally, I lean towards the latter at this stage of my career but beggars can't be choosers

Over 10 years of agency hopping, I've worn many hats sometimes befitting and sometimes not. From multi-national food brands to international financial services, mid-size companies to small independent shops, I've worked multiple roles for brands of all sizes and contributed to projects at various stages.

Brand Designer. Art Director. Environmental Designer. Package Designer. Web Designer. Copywriter. Janitor. Dishwasher. Pizza Deliverer. It might not sound as sexy as say, a photographer nor as authoritative as say, a creative director. Regardless, at my core, I'm a Graphic Designer. Jack of all trades. Master of some.

My Design process.

As a Graphic Designer, I enjoy solving problems related to visual communication. From the client-side, I work with clients to ensure their graphic design needs aren't merely visual makeovers but reflects these intentions:

  • Design accommodates company business goals
  • Design reflects brand strategy
  • Design meets budget expectations.

From a team-side, I work collaboratively with core members, factoring essential and critical input to ensure we, not I, put our best foot forward for the betterment of our client. So, if some of my rambling resonates with what you're looking for, feel free to contact me.

By the way, it's pronounced "Mang" but if you mispronounce my name, no harm no foul.

pro resume


  • Brand Concept & Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Collateral
  • UX/UI + Web Design
  • Illustration


  • Adobe CC
  • Sketch
  • Slack
  • RightFont
  • Dropbox
  • Plain Paper & Pencil
  • Mac OS X





  • Renegade Craft Fair (2011-14)
  • BaconFest Chicago (2012-15)
  • Small Manufacturing Alliance (2013)
  • Chicago Urban Art Society (2011)
  • TypeForce 2 (2011)