Meng Yang
Brand Designer

Meng Yang

brand designer / Creative manager

Bordeaux, France 2018

Bordeaux, France 2018


professional experience

With over ten years of agency experience in Chicago, in late 2017 I migrated over to the organization-side and joined Mango Languages, a Michigan-based SaaS language-learning company. I’m the Creative Manager on the Marketing team and collaborate, communicate and facilitate a variety of creative output for the team. 


On creative executional side:

  • Design: I have senior-level experience and understanding on brand design, building and maintaining design systems and collaborating with other creatives. From digital + print campaigns, landing pages, documents + brochures, tradeshow events + experiential + environmental, logos to illustrations. I also work with designers of varying levels of experience, from entry to senior level as well as contractors.

  • Copy : I’m not a copywriter but design + copy goes hand-in-hand. I have senior-level experience collaborating with copywriters to ensure programs, campaigns, documents, work synchronously with design.

  • Video + Motion : I have basic principal understanding of working in video in Adobe After Effects and Premiere and also work with a multimedia specialist on content creation.

  • Development : I have basic HTML & CSS proficiency and collaborate with a Full Stack Developer on emails, landing pages, blog posts, web resources, and CMS tools.

On an administrative side:

  • Project management : I project manage with external vendors, partners, contractors and track budget spend.

  • Team management : I maintain weekly 1:1’s with my direct report team members and to delegate tasks and collaborate on projects. My direct team consists of a Lead Visual Designer, a Multimedia Producer and a contract Full Stack Developer.

  • Communication : I work closely with my fellow marketing managers (Communications Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and Events Manager) & department director to ensure we work in unison and not in silos.

  • Facilitating : I facilitate and work on projects beyond the Marketing team with other department team members such as Linguist, Product Design, Customer Service, Sales Retention, Finance and Human Resources.


For creativity and collaboration, I use:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud libraries : to manage our brand asset library

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects : to design, build & produce assets

  • Figma : for design & prototyping

  • Zeroheight : design system

For productivity and communication, I use:

  • G Suite : for storage, documentation and collaboration

  • Slack : for messaging and app integrations

  • Asana : for project management

  • Hubspot : for CRM

  • Mailchimp : for email marketing

  • Dropbox + Paper : for storage and notes


Random things about me if it tickles your fancy.

  • I’m bilingual and am a native Hmong speaker. “Kuv lub npe hu ua Meng.”

  • Currently, I’m learning how to listen, read and speak in French.
    Je m’appelle Meng.

  • International countries I’ve traveled to: Cambodia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, French Guiana, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam

  • I’ve road-tripped across the United States quite a few times and have visited roughly 30 states and multiple cities.


awards & Recognition




  • Renegade Craft Fair (2011-14)

  • BaconFest Chicago (2012-15)

  • Small Manufacturing Alliance (2013)

  • Chicago Urban Art Society (2011)

  • TypeForce 2 (2011)