Meng Yang
Brand Designer


Brand & Web design


OutCold is an exciting, lively and energetic action-marketing agency in the West Town area of Chicago, IL.

Fittingly named after the 2001 cult comedy film, OutCold's agency work ethic embodies the spirit of the movie; youthful energy combined with thrilling and engaging antics. However, their previous logo and brand had difficulty conveying their ethos and hi-octane level of workmanship. 


While at UnitOneNine, I worked with the team to develop and distill the brand tonality for OutCold. Working directly with the client on a collaborative basis, we took inspiration from OutCold (the film), using Bull Mountain (the fictional yet revered ski resort/town) as a starting point.

WOW!! I LOVE it. It is spot-on exactly what we need and want. The design looks awesome and the content you guys put together is great.
— Holly Heffinger, COO & Co-Founder • OutCold


Agency: UnitOneNine
Creative Director: Lee Salisbury
Associate Creative Director: Amit Patel
Front-End Developer: Jenelle Huddleston