Meng Yang
Brand Designer

Lovio George

Brand & Website refresh

Lovio George

Lovio George is a neighborhood creative agency in Detroit, Michigan.

Located on Forest avenue in Midtown, Lovio George is a boutique, PR + Design agency that’s been firmly rooted in Detroit for over 30 years. While contracting at Lovio George, I spearheaded a redesign of their agency website. Due to a longer term project to tackle a comprehensive company-wide website redesign, I proposed a short-term single-page solution to modernize and reposition the brand’s online presence.

Utilizing existing internal assets, I implemented a flexible but cohesive secondary color palette and typographic family to the brand system. From photo treatments to bold type to clear messaging, I designed this simple brand palette to work in unison with the current brand.


For this temporary site, I opted to include only surface-layer but necessary content i.e. About Us, Capabilities, Current & Previous Clients, Leadership and general contact info. In-depth team bios, case studies and additional content would be added later in separate modules to the website's structure.


Structure Design

As part of my design process, I started out with a low-fidelity breakdown of required content modules and involved project team members on helping to determine content creative, project feasibility and support, and outline any foreseeable technical issues. This 1st phase allowed project members to see a rough guideline of the scope of work required i.e. How many pages/templates total? What additional 3rd-party systems to include/implement? etc.

Content Design

Once structure was established, I designed low-fidelity wireframes for a slightly more detailed breakdown of the page/site. This 2nd phase helped identify project needs from specific members such as copy from Copywriter, design & illustration from Designer, front-end/back-end from Developer, etc. Also, these wireframes were also built in Desktop and Mobile versions to show stackable content and design + copy considerations for browser viewing size.

Design Styling

Moving on from structure & content, I applied the brand aesthetic to the website design. Sourcing existing assets (such as photos, graphics, lockups) from Lovio George’s brand library, I got into the nitty, gritty of design pushing pixels, bending bezier curves and general finessing of the page.



Agency: Lovio George