Meng Yang
Brand Designer


Web Design


LasikPlus is a laser-eye surgery service helping patients correct their vision.

While at UnitOneNine, the team and I worked on redesigning the user-experience for their website. As part of a broader strategy to revamp the UX and modernize the digital side of the LasikPlus brand, the website redesign also factored in client goals of obtaining new customers. Working under the Associate Creative Director, I designed supporting elements, patterns, pages along with a handful of other nuanced design tasks.

From compartmentalizing content to introducing minor and major elements of interactivity, the new website was designed to brighten up the brand’s digital experience. As part of the new brand experience, we introduced interactive, illustrated procedures to highlight the different categories of eye treatment. Rather than using typical medical photos, we opted to highlight the 'gentleness' of the procedures by utilizing simple, stylized illustrations to convey the experience.

Overall, I worked with the team to ensure the page designs were spec'd to the IA/Wireframe, offered functional design solutions and met outlined client objectives.



Agency: UnitOneNine
Creative Director: Lee Salisbury
Associate Creative Director: Amit Patel
Supporting Designer: Camay Ho
Lead Developer: Matt Borgman