Meng Yang
Brand Designer


brand & web design


FultonWorks is a strategy & development firm in the West Loop of Chicago, IL.

While at UnitOneNine, I worked with the team on designing FultonWorks' brand mark and website. Inspired as a youth into the world of web-engineering by the daring voyages albeit fictional tales of Jules Verne, Brent Sanders originally started FultonWorks as a one-man shop but amicably grew into a full-fledged, full-service team. Looking to elevate the company from its independent beginnings, we worked with Brent to build a proper brand that reflected its maturation as a company and its broader capabilities.


Using Jules Vernes classic '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea' along with early 18th century diving expeditions as inspiration, I styled FultonWorks' brand mark after nautical helmet viewports and classic diving suits. From intensive deep-dive projects to immersive brand and strategy exploration, I built the new brand to communicate underlying themes that mirrored the conceptual work process that FultonWorks engages with its clients.

Along with the new brand mark, we simplified and streamlined the new website to boost FultonWork’s new brand position.

Holy $#%! This is awesome.
— Brent Sanders, Founder • FultonWorks


Agency: UnitOneNine
Creative Director: Lee Salisbury
Associate Creative Director: Amit Patel