Meng Yang
Graphic Designer


Design Archives - Stationary Set for Johnny Decker Miller


a mature brand for an illustrator

I designed this brand stationary system about 2 years ago for a friend of mine, Johnny Decker Miller, who's a talented Esoteric Illustrator. We've collaborated in the past such as this Green Grocer newspaper.

There were 2 parts to this project that we both wanted:

1. Communicate the maturity and depth of knowledge in Johnny's artwork; avoid 'heavy metal, dark, goth-y' cliches and highlight the story behind the art.

2. Make sure it's sustainable. Once I handed off the design assets to Johnny, he'd be able to run the brand system with consistency and integrity.


So, this is what I built for him:

  • A set of Business Cards
  • A custom stamp of his logo
  • An update-able template
  • A custom gift-wrap paper roll
  • A sticker

The template would be updated by Johnny whenever he had a new piece to showcase and could be printed by himself with his paper-stock preference. And, the custom wrapping paper could be used for multiple functions; gifts, packaging, etc.

Overall, a simple but sufficient system for Johnny's use but also very budget-friendly too.

Meng Yang