Meng Yang
Graphic Designer


Hankering for some fresh greens.


A year's worth of community-supported agriculture.

When my wife and I were still living in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, we switched a majority of our grocery shopping over from large-chain stores to a local, independent shop, Green Grocer. As part of the switch, we bought into their community-supported agriculture (CSA) produce share for a year, picking up our weekly stock of mostly local and regional sourced produce.


Who knew, but we really enjoyed the experience of unbagging our weekly CSA produce shares. We never would’ve known what Celeriac was, what a Leek tasted like nor how to cook a Fennel Bulb if it wasn’t for the weekly, semi-mysterious share of fruit and vegetables that Green Grocer planned out each season. Out of that newfound curiousness for fruits & vegetables as well as a sheer appreciation for our former neighborhood Green Grocer, I designed and printed a newspaper to encapsulate that experience. 


Also, seeing how this was my last Chicago-ish project before moving out of the city, I also wanted to work with a friend of mine, Johnny Decker Miller, to commemorate our time in Chicago. As an esoteric illustrator, Johnny’s artwork on surface may look dark and occult but is drawn with immense detail and strong iconography, imbued with cross-cultural and folkloric connotations and overall, looks amazing. As a friend, we’ve known each other for over 10 years whilst we were working as music junkies/record-store floor salesmen. Collaborating together, I worked on the small whimsical doodles, digital coloring and the overall layout while Johnny provided the large hero illustrations. Overall, a pretty simple project but ingrained with some nostalgic undertones.

For maximum experience, this newspaper is best enjoyed with while nibbling on alfalfa sprouts.