Meng Yang
Brand Designer


Brand & Web Design


Analytics8 is a data-analytics consulting and software company headquartered in Chicago, IL with offices located throughout the US and Australia.

While at UnitOneNine, I worked with the team to rebrand Analytics8 amidst the company encountering incremental growth and change. Working with the client, instead of a band-aid design solution, we opted to form Analytics8 with a proper brand foundation. Because the US office had grown in leaps and bounds from its initial beginnings, over the years, its brand voice was inconsistent.

Starting with fundamentals, we set in place new brand values for Analytics8. This was a highly collaborative exercise from both teams to extract ideals and values which reflected Analytics8’s foundation. Before even considering design and styling, we focused solely on brand concept, competitive analysis and business strategy. A lot of ideas, concepts, and documentation was exchanged during this process. In the end, we established 8 core pillars for the brand; each pillar represented an ideal which would funnel directly through the brand then outward through its various communication channels.


expanding the brand library.

Moving forward, after establishing core values, we guided the brand tone for Analytics8's communications channels. Instead of generic software and consulting lingo which is typically formal and monotonous, we aimed for Analytics8 to project smart, personable and conversational. Working with their existing brand colors & typography, we expanded their visual vocabulary by broadening their color palette and font family, guiding their image library and building relevant iconography and illustrations.


In essence, Analytics8 is a vibrant, mature, people-powered technology company. With brand virtues and visuals in sync, the revitalized brand was distributed across multiple avenues: brochures, pamphlets, promotional items, tradeshow booths & displays, etc.


Rethinking the digital experience.

After completing Analytics8's brand repositioning, we moved forward with their website redesign. Utilizing the new brand assets, we restructured and prioritized content and design to better suit the company’s two core offerings, consulting and technology. Working under Associate Creative Director Amit Patel, we determined navigation and hierarchy to pivot towards these two areas. Hence, the UX and UI was anchored around the content of these sections to partially determine the structure and patterning of the page designs. The new website also integrated responsive design and was built with nuanced and dynamic layers of interactivity.


From wireframes to PSD comps to asset output, I was heavily involved in the entire design process. Working with the development team, I ensured design allowed wiggle room for front-end interactivity and was conscious of back-end functionality. In addition to the overhauled brand and website, I also coordinated and oversaw a photo-shoot of the Analytics8 team with a professional lifestyle photographer for the final photos to be integrated into the brand website.

Overall, the success of this project was heavily due to the client entrusting the team at UnitOneNine.

We’re really excited about our revamped brand. It’s a natural evolution that reflects our growth and maturity as a company.
— Tracey Doyle, VP, Marketing • Analytics8


Agency: UnitOneNine
Creative Director: Lee Salisbury
Associate Creative Director: Amit Patel
Lead Developer: Matt Borgman
Front-End Developer: Isaac Pavol
Photographer: Lucy Hewett